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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers

For RBOS Antiques Centre Ledger and Business Users:

Q: We want to keep it simple so can we run our new RBOS System in parallel to our current system just in case?

A: Yes you can, however RBOS Till Systems are so easy, you are doubling the work the RBOS system was developed to quarter.  By retaining and using separate systems you are adding more work not taking it away. There is no need to run two systems

Q: We are nervous about having to use a key board on the Till to type in information, how do you help us?

A: We have integrated

  • "Drop Down Selectors" with preset multiple choice text, such as for which Dealer, then in the next  field categories, such as Glassware, Treen, Hollow-ware etc which are all easy to use instead of typing.

  • If when you start to type, the system uses previously used phrases to pre-empt what you may be writing, so saves time, if you carry on typing a new word, that is fine too, it just gets added to the library for future use.

  • One finger typing a short description is not too challenging, if you can key a phone number into a phone, you can type a short description like "Jam Pan" or "Cut Glass Vase"

Q: We are not sure about having the Card Machine attached to the Till. What is the benefit of this?

A: The Benefits are enormous:

  • Hygienic for you and your team, The team do not have to touch the terminal at all to initiate the transaction, it is all integrated and automatic.

  • Social Distancing is easier as the till process will be so much faster, reducing longer queues and waiting time.

  • The value of the sale is sent directly into the Card Machine, meaning no keying errors between the ledger and the machine

  • Cashing-up is easy as the card machine automatically sends back "Summary Sales", "Refunds" and also "Batch ID" making cashing up, a 5 minute job

  • No more problems forgetting the close the manual card machine

  • The "Batch ID" is same Batch ID that Worldpay settle with, so easy to match up on the Bank Statements

  • Less time spent on reconciliation - Detailed transaction reports available via the online Worldpay Dashboard Portal

  • Secure end to end processing by bringing together point of sale, payments and acquiring into one complete solution

*Worldpay are introducing faster settlements in due course, so this could result in next day settlements

Q: Will we still need to copy information from the Till into Excel to run our settlement process?

A: No, running reports is automated and no rekeying is needed at any stage using the RBOS System. You may use accounting software, so you will have a simple summary report to key into it or if you use Zero or Quickbooks, we can create a simple export file for you, with your cost centres already set. (This is a small piece of work and typically will cost around £100 to develop for you)

Q: Our Dealers want sales reports and we need to know that we are maximising the sales in the Centre, what reports can I get from the RBOS System:

A: You automatically get a full suite of reports:

  • Daily Sales Report by Dealer for the Centre

  • Daily Sales Report by Dealer exclusively showing only their sales

  • Weekly Report as above

  • Monthly Dealer Settlements

  • Monthly Centre Settlement Reports in summary format

  • Monthly Centre Reports for Accounts

  • RBOS Antiques Centre Business version has additional reporting on

Q: Can we have a Touch Screen Till with a keyboard, receipt printer and Till Drawer?

A: Yes, we partner with ERS and they are experts in ensuring you get the right equipment for you new RBOS system. They are tasked by us to ensure you get great value and quality hardware and they are based in Bedfordshire.

Q: We have special ways of doing things, can RBOS  adapt to our ways?

A: Yes It can, however we have created the RBOS system using many dealers inputs and we think we have got everything covered that 99% of other dealers need will need.  Certainly if you in the 1% that we haven't, we can easily develop something for you. 

You will more than likely to stop many things you had to do to make the manual system work. Your new RBOS system is ultra easy to use, automating many processes that you have had to do and we expect that you will save hours if not days of administration by trusting in your new system. 

Q: How much time will really be saved?

A: All we can say is a great deal, you know how long things take, so here is what you will "no longer have to do": -

  • Manually add up the sales ledger as you go through the trading day:

    • Now Done at the press of a button

  • Work out manually Card Sale Commission Recharges to each dealer

    • Now done at the press of a button

  • Copy the sales by Dealer into Excel or onto paper:

    • RBOS holds all this information automatically and Reports on the press of a button by day or date range

  • Work out Commission manually:

    • Now done at the press of a button

  • Search the manual ledger for wrongly assigned sales:

    • Now Easily Found using the Search Feature

  • Work out Who owes Rent and who has paid Rent

    • Now done at the press of a button (RBOS Antiques Centre Business only)


...and so much more! 


We are Prince2 Practitioners and Prince2 Agile Practitioners and have been developing and writing code for over 20 years.
Our Till & Mail Order system has been built around key infrastructure with our Team, Suppliers, EPOS users and also providers such as Amazon AMTU and Magento, Actinic and also Magento plug-ins and customers

RBOS was developed in a real live retail environment, working with the users developing by need and benefit required, whether it is accuracy, efficiency or speed, it was  built to do the job needed


We have been developing the RBOS system since 2012 in the live retail environment and over the years have added more functionality to increase both accuracy and efficiency of both the system and the user


RBOS is a merchandise and sales system and we recommend that you speak to your accountant about which Accounts software you may need.

All Sales data and VAT data is exportable from the RBOS system and can easily be exported for XERO, Quickbooks, Sage etc


From Purchase order to customer despatch the RBOS system is automated as much as you want it to be.  We can set your system to run as  a Basic Till system or a fully automated Barcode driven end to end system which interfaces with EDI, EDI light, Chip N Pin, Amazon, Magento and much more
We developed the system for our own use so it does what we all need. Fast efficient and will minimal errors.

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