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Integrated Payments

This is the WorldPay from FIS logo which we are showing to you as we are exclusive World Pay Partners.

Accurate Simple Seamless Secure

A Laptop in the background with the RBOS Till system open, A chip and Pin machine is in the foreground, ready to take a WorldPay Transaction

Worldpay Integrated Payments

This is a demonstration images, showing how a Chip and Pin terminal is used, and shown with a Phone being hel over it making a payment.  There is also text telling the reader about the benefits of this device.
Contactless &
Chip N Pin
Accurate Charges Rapid Processing
and Security

As a Worldpay by FIS Partner, we Retail Back Office Systems offer integrated Payments built in.  Worldpay is a very cost-effective payment gateway and merchant acquirer, who offers new and old customers the "Best in Class Service" from a leading Global Provider.  We use them exclusively as we believe they are the best partner for our clients and working with one provider ensures continuity for you and us. 

Low Cost Solution for You!

If you are a current Worldpay customer, then upgrading your service will likely result in a lower fee structure if not the same if you have recently renegotiated your fees.  Often when you start with Worldpay, your transaction fees were set at a much lower volume than you have now, so therefore it been often cheaper when you upgrade to a new service

If you are not a current Worldpay Customer, then they will always try to match or better your fees

The New Payment Machines: So Affordable!

With RBOS and Worldpay you do not have to buy a new machine, but can rent it monthly, offset against your settlement, so a simple solution. The current rental as of 01/06/2020 is £7.50 a month with a £50 one off set up fee. 

RBOS is certified on all their current payment machines, so if you need a cableless machine, that is fine too.

WorldPay Finance

The RBOS and Worldpay systems are very affordable, so whilst you will not need to worry about these costs. Both a designed to run on Windows 10 with Microsoft365 installed.  You may wish to upgrade all your IT equipment or add more to your counter. Worldpay can help with that and with repayments taken from your settlements, then again, an easy solution.

A Frequently asked questions and answers about WorldPay Financial Support for Businesses.  In the bottom corner is a business owners photo with his testimonial about the service
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