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RBOS Retail System Cost Guide

Transparent Pricing By RBOS Version

 RBOS Systems are Pay as You Go with no lengthy contract periods

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The difference between Setup and Merchant Trading Day Ready is as follows: All Providers tend to use term "Setup" to describe installing and setting up your new system on the device you are to be using. This setup does not usually include installing all your data such as stock, suppliers, dealers staff,customers and other business essential information that you need to have in your system.

*RBOS Merchant Trading Day Ready

Merchant Trading Day Ready customises the RBOS system for your business. We will import (system dependent)  Suppliers, Dealers, Stock, Currently Stock Levels and any other business specific data that you supply on excel spreadsheets (we cannot manually add this information by line). We have found if far more cost effective to do this for you , so ensuring you  get the best out of your new RBOS system. We will supply you with the excel templates needed for you to complete. If you have this information electronically, we may be able to help export the information if possible
Windows 10 and Microsoft365

All RBOS Versions run on Windows 10 on any device with a screen around 14", such as Laptop, PC, Tablet and Touch Screen EPOS  PC.

You must have Business365 running on your PC so depending on your requirements, you can use either Microsoft 365 Business Essentials or Microsoft 365 Apps for Business. If you are not sure, please have a chat with us and we can help.

Click HERE to view and order your Microsoft 365 licence. 

Hardware and Equipment Suppliers

We partner with ERS to provide the basis equipment you may need to run your new RBOS system. They are familiar with all our versions and the equipment you may need to get the best our of your new RBOS system.

Depending on what hardware or equipment you need and the total spend, you can spread the cost of the purchase over 3-5 years, making your new RBOS system really work for you,

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