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5 Reasons to be More Efficient

Updated: May 21, 2020

Our EPOS Retail versions are designed to give you maximum efficiency for the lowest price.

All our systems have been developed in a live multi-channel Retail and Branding retail business selling in store, online and on Amazon and Ebay. so we know they work and deliver the functionality you need to run your business.

  1. RBOS Antiques Centre is a Simple Ledger System that can integrate with Chip N PIn seamlessly to give you rapid accurate till system transaction at the counter. With automated reporting straight to your dealers at the end of each day, week and month. Saving you hours of copying sales from the ledger and other admin tasks such as errors in stock sales to the wrong dealer.

  2. RBOS Antiques Business adds more benefits to the Centre system by adding more financial capability such as cross dealer selling, Pay in Rent, Cross Selling commisions and statements, settlement Payment to date from the till and much more. Taking the strain off additional bookwork

  3. RBOS Retail is for General Merchandise stores who don't sell online. You will need the benefits of a Modern EPOS till with Chip N Pin integration for seamless error free sales, stock management, automatic purchase orders and booking in. You can manage discounts, concessions and also consignment stock too simply and easily

  4. RBOS Business is for more complex multichannel retailers who need the efficiency and sophisitcation of a system to easily sell instore and online, pooling your stock from both the store and possibley your suppliers, so you never lose an important sale. As you will likely be selling on Marketplaces too, you can manage all the Metrics demanded of you by the marketplace host. Lead times to ship, Shipping notiffications, integration with Royal Mail and DHL for rapid low cost domestic and international Duty paid shipments.

  5. RBOS Branding and Promotion adds more power to your business by automatic the vast quantities of manual administration needed to run integrated Sales, Purchasing and in house / 3rd Party Branding Workrooms. The System manages stock, via drop shipping, branding location jobsheets, back orders and much more. You can run your business as a retail unit or as a B2b supplier to the trade, either works.

A Retail Store Counter with a Till Device and a Jar on it.  The Jar is made of Shiny Silver and has two labels on it, One Reads, "Good Karma Tips" and the Other reads "I Shop Small"
Great Tips

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