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Local Home Deliveries are Easy with Our Affordable RBOS Retail Business System

Updated: May 21, 2020

Home Deliveries are proving so popular again, however most till systems don't allow for this to happen easily so you may feel you cannot offer this without vast expense of a whole new till system and equipment...NOT SO!

With our RBOS Retail System you can have a easy to operate till system for your instore customers and also you can use this too for Home Deliveries, giving a simple professional end to end service for all your customers. RBOS was developed in a live retail environment, so it does exactly what you need it to do!

Customers are moving rapidly back to our local stores, where the service and produce is from known sources. Customers will not want to venture out on basic shopping trips, so going back 50 years, the Butcher Boy on his bike delivering will be the new normal.

RBOS Retail Till Systems give you the power of a bigger businesses in terms of service capability at a very low cost. RBOS Retail stores at the time of writing this blog 13/05/2020 costs £50 per month and RBOS Retail Business £100 per month. You can run both on a laptop or Desktop PC and use very affordable peripherals such as receipt printers. We tested out an unbranded receipt printer at £25 from EBAY and it worked a treat, so you can do the same.

All RBOS Systems are fully integrated with chip n pin. As a Worldpay partner, you will pay no more or less if you switch to WorldPay. Worldpay lastest Terminals are £7.50 a month to rent with a £50 setup. (as of 13/05/2020)

Checkout our RBOS Versions by clicking here

A Drapers Shop showing Wooden Backless Pigeon Holes with Bobbins of Brightly Coloured Ribbon
Bobbins and Ribbons

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