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RBOS Antiques Business is the Latest Version for the Antique Centres

Updated: May 21, 2020

We are proud to launch RBOS Antique Centre Business, a new upgraded version to RBOS Antiques Centre Ledger which will save hours more in administration for those who have more complex dealer arrangements.

Both RBOS Antique Centre Ledger and the higher spec RBOS Antique Centre Business versions are very affordable at less than £40 per month. RBOS Antiques Centre Ledger version already saves hours of manual ledger transcribing and Excel work as it does it all for you at the press of a button. The RBOS Antique Centre Business version save even more administation copying and reconsiling time.

We listened carefuly to the needs of our customers we created the orignal version RBOS Antiques Centre Ledger, this is a very simple version of the manual ledger that most centres are used to and with additional benefits to the centre including Chip n Pin via Worldpay and the ability to email or send all your dealers their daily weekly an monthly sales reports and settlement statements at the press of one button.

We soon realised that for some Antique Centres, they had a more complex need such as managing cash settlements from the till, interdealer sales and they also needed to manage rent and commisions too within one system and Petty Cash, and other Payments In an Payments Out

Working with one of these Antique Centres, we took what they needed and added into the core RBOS Antiques Centre system. This has given them all the functionality they need at the back end and the simplicity they needed at the front end.

Integration with Worldpay will not cost any more than you currently pay or it will be less. At the time of writing, the new Chip N Pin intergrated terminal from Worldpay will cost £7.50 per month with an initial £50 setup cost. The accuracy that this gives you will save hours of trying to find miskeyed values into your currnet PDQ maching..all a loss to the business in terms of sale value and time.

The additional benefit for you of all RBOS systems, is that you can run it on your own laptop or PC, so no additional till hardware or systems need to be purchased, unless YOU chose to buy them.

Compare all versions of the RBOS System here.

Call us for an informal chat about your needs and which version would work best for you. At the very low monthly cost, you can easily move to the RBOS Antiques without huge costs. We will setup the system for you if needed.

A Laptop is being used with Till Software and is using a Chip N Pin Pad with the Worldpay Name showing on the pad screen.  In the background are small perfume bottles and a carousel tin
RBOS Till System with Worldpay Chip N Pin

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