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Stock File Creation &  Services



For Independent Retailers. Affordable Excel, Data Spreadsheets compilation.


We create your stock files for Amazon, Magento and more.

We have years of experience creating import files for retail systems and websites, such as Actinic, Sellerdeck, Magento, Amazon, eBay, Xero and more

We offer by the hour data services to format and update new price / stock file changes to your systems.

So there is no need to let stock updates slow down your business nor the impact on margin as your cost price file is out of date.


Online Stock Level and Lead Time To Ship Automation

We can also develop automation so your stock level updates to both your website and to Amazon so you have almost live stock figures on your website,  Amazon and eBay.  Frequency is normally every 5 minutes upwards.

We have built links to run full integrated stock updates Supplier + Shop Floor + Warehouse so can can maximise all sales opportunities and also can feed dynamic "Lead Time to Ship Days" as part of this, based on where the inventory is.

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