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RBOS Antiques Centre Ledger System

Say "Goodbye!" to transcribing the written ledger, it's all automated, saving you hours and hours of work

Perfect for Antique and Vintage Centres, who just need a simple Till System and Basic Sales Reports

Ledger is Quick and Easy to Learn

£25 Per Month
An Antique Store interior, showing an aclectic range of products
  • Looks like most Manual Ledgers

  • It will save you hours / days of admin work copying sales from the ledger into excel or word

  • 5 Simple Steps to Complete a Sale

    1. Select the Dealer​

    2. Add Product Description

    3. Key in the Price

    4. Press Pay Button

    5. Press Complete

  • Integrated Payments for Accurate, Safe and giving enhanced Customer Confidence *

  • Contract  Period: None. We know RBOS works so happy not to feel we need one

Closing the Trading Date couldn't be easier either!

  1. Press a Button to Start the Process

  2. Add up Your Card Slips, Count Your Cash etc and put in your totals in the form

  3. Press Close Trading Day Button

​Job Done!  Print off your report for accounts.

Dealer Centre Sales Reports with Settlement Values at the Press of Button

  • Press Dealer Report Button or the Centre Report Button

  • Select Your Report

  • Select the Date Range

  • Press OK

Job Done!  Print them out, or email them automatically! Simple!

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