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RBOS Retail Stores Till EPOS and Mail Order System

Perfect for Multi Channel Retail Stores who sell in-store, online and on marketplaces locally and internationally.
RBOS Retail Store System gives you all the functionality you need with locally held data, EDI integrations,
"End to End" Automation and Single Scan Technology throughout your Supply Chain

Retail Stores is Quick and Easy to Learn

£100 Per Month
  • Simple to use EPOS Till / Mail Order System

  • Integrated Payments for Accurate, Safe and giving enhanced Customer Confidence *

  • Stock Level Management

  • Retail Home Delivery or Store Delivery

  • Supplier Management

  • EDI and EDI Light Supplier Ordering

  • SMART Mail Order Despatch

  • Integration with Royal Mail and DHL 

  • Integration with Amazon, Magento and via Plug-in eBay

  • Stock Management through Perpetual inventory

  • Contract Period: None.

    • We know RBOS works so happy not to feel we need one

Image by Clark Street Mercantile
Image by freestocks

"One Business" Inventory and Fulfillment Automation

  • Local Databases (Not Cloud Based)

  • One Business Inventory for rapid fulfillment

  • Consolidated Purchase orders

    • Store, Website and Marketplace​​​

    • Pick Note and Partial Pick Notes

  • Supplier ​EDI Stock Level Visibility*

  • Automated Scanning Goods In Deconsolidation

  • Single Scan Mail Order Despatch

  • Lead Time to Ship Automation based on Stock Locations

  • Much More

RBOS has been developed in a live Multi-Channel International Retail Business: Tried, Tested and Proven

  • DHL Integration for Seamless International Exports

  • EDI Interfaces to Capture near real time stock level data

  • Automatic Multi Order Confirmation to Marketplaces

  • Lead Time to Ship based upon Supplier, Local and Offsite Stock Locations

  • Automated Order Communication to Customers

    • Order Received

    • Order Despatched

    • Order Delivered


RBOS Retail Business is an end to end system which delivers the requirements of most complex ambitious retailers.

Image by Carl Heyerdahl
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